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Ep 1. Technique & Technology in The Podcast Age

Ep 1. Technique & Technology in The Podcast Age

It's here! The first podcast episode of The Format. This conversation is with my friend and fellow podcast producer based in Durham, North Carolina - Angela Hollowell.  Angela owns Rootful Media and hosts The Honey & Hustle Podcast.  In this first podcast episode we talk about ALL things podcast such as…

  • crafting an engaging interview

  • managing guest expectations

  • tech tools we are loving

  • utilizing podcasts to disseminate information and build communities

Here are some of my favorite quotes from our conversation. We started out with a few rapid fire questions…

Flo: “What was the first show that got you into podcasting?”  

Angela: “The first show that got me into podcasting, I typically say The Ground Up Show, which is the truth.

It is a show by Matt D'Avella. But I would maybe take it a step further, and the show that kept me going in podcasting was actually The Zane Lowe Podcast by Apple Music. I feel like he's just an incredible interviewer, and he was a big creative influence in how I approach crafting the show and crafting my interview style, I guess.”

Flo: “Yes. Yes.  Oh, that’s a very good answer.  And I also love that show and he is great at being personable.”

Angela: “What’s your biggest accomplishment as a podcaster? 

Flo: “So far, I'm really proud of my work with Aston. We have used the podcast to grow their network, raise funds and build credibility/trust within the community power grid modernization industry - which is allowing them to do really cool deals. So it's a soft sell tool. We found that the podcast has supported what they're doing in ways that we didn't expect. 

And on top of it, people who are interested in these topics, I think also enjoy the show if they're interested in learning about the power grid and renewable energy. So it's got a lot of different purposes that I'm really proud of.”

Flo: “What's your favorite podcasting tool or software that you find yourself constantly recommending?”

Angela: “Uh, right now? I would say it's not technically a podcasting tool, but it is a tool that I use very often for my show.

And that is Zapier. It is kind of like the glue that binds my apps and software together that wouldn't normally have integrations or talk to each other. So, for example, when the show is running, I have what they call a Zap that automates every time something new populates in my RSS feed. I'll automatically have a post that goes to LinkedIn with some pre-filled text and some slots for the title and description of the show and links to go check it out.

So that's something that I have really been enjoying and I think a lot of people would benefit from.” 

Interview Techniques and Guest Management

Angela: “One thing I will say in terms of like prep, I do something very similar for most people. Do I send my guests all of that? No, I don't. I never do. And I've had some marketing managers…I hope they're not watching this right now.

I've had them badger me like repeatedly, like, “Hey, can you send me questions?” “Hey, can you tell me what this is going to be about?” I will cave and at least tell people the theme, but I do not give specific questions. I do not let marketing managers view the first draft. I don't let them do any draft. You see it when everybody else sees it.

And that sounds really harsh, but like my whole thing is - why create a show where somebody else dictates the outcome? In terms of just like making it better, one thing that I heard Tim Ferriss say, is that when he books a guest he says, “Hey, like what would make this (podcast interview) a win for you?”

You know, what would make this really great for you, right? So that I have an idea of how I can meet or exceed expectations. And I think that's something I've never asked. 

Flo: Yeah. Like if they have a new book out and they're happy to talk about other things, but that would just be so helpful for them if we ask a question about the book… like, I think most interviewers would love to do that. Like we want to make our guests happy, but we also want our show to feel authentic and real. And I've definitely struggled with people… I've learned some lessons lately with people that want to over edit the interviews.

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